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There are over million of kids starving right now without ; inspiration and education

So it has became important for us to establish #MALWELA! KIDS, this is the department that has a breakthrough that our future business men and entrepreneurs needs. If we hadn’t told the country that we are here to feed the kids with inspiration and education, we probably would never have been recommended to corporate businesses and recognised by the whole Africa. What we made our number one priority is great communication between our clients and our employees, many of our employees dreamt about working for unique and latest innovative brand and our customers dreamt of receiving it, they also love the idea of reciving new inspiration every year through t-shirts, and inspirational life changing stories quick and simple. And our employees love the idea of working smart. We believe giving the kids an opportunity to dream is fun.

The firm was developed by entrepreneurs, hustlers, visionaries and pioneers, for every kid to grow better, what we have today are capabilities that kids in every city lack the latest inspiration and advanced education, because of those capabilities we have taken a very different approach to supplying every kid with the latest ent-shirts, shades and clothing innovatively. One of the model that differentiate us from the crowd. We always focus on the most child’s dreams – lack of confidence and lack of dreaming big, difficult challenges and we never think it’s impossible to challenge the challenge and overcome the challenge, we are the industry working with communities and corporate clients from city to city at the very affordable price and quality products.


Everyone loves to be part of us because we allowed people to influence the process of engineering fashion and changed it into inspiration in order to give them what they really want at an affordable price, we are committed to use the right tools for the right job, wich is means we never compromised on all our products, we make sure that we get the right people in the right place, keep them motivated, keep them happy and make sure they have a successful career withing Hash Tag MALWELA Kids. hence we say “It’s More Than Fashion. It’s An Inspiration
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-80% of kids That Are Not With Us Are Suffering From lack of : Inspiration, Self-confidence, advanced education & inability to dream big.

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