The first 200 customers became the Founder of this brand and the second 200 customers became shareholders and the next

2million customers are members. Everybody love being part of this massive brand. it’s morethan a fashion. It’s an inspiration.

This is the inspiration we want you to believe in, and if you belive in it, you will change your behaviour. The inspiration that helps you to believe in your dreams when nobody will, that remind you to stick to your principles, even when it costs, that gives you courage to pursue your dreams, that boost your voice to over come the voice of the critic, that having a sense of purpose is everything, that whether you are being paid or not, you need to feel that you are useful and relevant – DO WHAT YOU LOVE. MONEY WILL COME


We did not win the market because we have the better brand, but because we have a different brand, we have been spending all our time developing this brand and communicating with

consumers and members. we firmly believe that when we come to work together as we do everywhere every week we are doing something that helps change the world. We have a life time inspiring strategy which is giving a very good value for money. YOUR CULTURE IS OUR CULTURE. #MALWELA! is Warm during winter months, It’s prevalence, it’s class and the

positive message it enumerate, unfolds the culture of the Brand. Which is TRUE INSPIRATION


We will never run out of stock and Size to make sure you Own one too. Customers are part of our story, our history and that makes them sell #MALWELA! Brands too, everyone who’s a member sells the #MALWELA! Brand and earn 25% of each Profucts they sell, it’s working smart not hard, that’s how we empowered our members and they really understand the challenge of what we are doing from a business perspective and the importance, the spreading, the inspiration that #MALWELA! enumerate. Some of them are entrepreneurs, most of them self made and others work for themselves or have their own businesses. What they don’t want from us is selling fashion but what they do want from us is great inspiration that we must continue to spread to the world, and what they really want morethan anything is privileged access to this brand by those who have lost their hopes, lost their dreams in the dark, kids who lack self-esteem, those who gave up on their dreams and also THE future generations.

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