#MALWELA! Music Awards 2019 Welcomes you and Is very proud to assists you once again to advance in your music career. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS REGISTER NOW! From Only R199.


Send an email to hashtagmalwela@yahoo.co.za or info@hashtagmalwela.co.za

With the following

Your full names + your stage name or nick name

And your city or home town and your age and parent name

And then you will have to choose one category amongst the following categories that you think it’s suitable for you



2• The Best Lyricist In Limpopo

3• The Best Produced Mixtape 

Once you have registered, you will receive an email or SMS with all your confirmation and your unique Music Award number.

Your fans will start voting for you from our website a month before the event takes place, As you know even with previous events, no judges will determine that you became a winner, but your friends, family and fans by voting for you.

This is #MALWELA! Music Awards remember, where the winners are guaranteed every opportunity we promised them, just like we did in 2014 : a Trip To Cape Town for One Day To Work With #MalwelaModels Cape Town is Also Guaranteed to one Artist who has done the most of work and has won with the most votes.

A Brand Endorsement is also Guaranteed for other winners. 

A professional Music Video is Also Guaranteed for other winners.

FOR MORE WhatsApp 076 740 2712 NOW!

#MALWELA! Modeling Awards 2019

REGISTER HERE NOW (Space Limitted)

#MALWELA! Music Awards Nomination Concert 2019 Will Be Taking Place In April


Voting Lines Are Closed!

#Malwela Music Award 2015 Results⤵

[ ] Natural Hustlerz – 2047 = 23%
[ ] Snake Combination – 2799 = 31%
[ ] Dan Family – 7 = 0%
[ ] Tseni Money – 174 = 0%
[ ] Zee and Smilly – 4022 = 45%
[ ] Nicki B – 4 = 0%
[ ]
[ ] Sammy Machaka – 357 = 7%
[ ] Hi’ram – 3189 = 62%
[ ] Peter Satekge – 1616 = 31%
[ ]
[ ] J-Ballistc – 20 = 0%
[ ] Royal-t – 4705 = 60%
[ ] DMS – 177 = 2%
[ ] T-bose – 1352 = 17%
[ ] Morph – 27 = 0%
[ ] Decious – 1599 = 20%
[ ]
[ ] Marvin – 101 = 1%
[ ] Malcom Zee – 40 = 0%
[ ] Xphola – 1357 = 11%
[ ] Nse – 1173 = 6%
[ ] MSG – 176 = 1%
[ ] Nicki B – 2085 = 11%
[ ] Blako – 177 = 1%
[ ] Kryptic – 235 = 1%
[ ] Zee and Smilly – 3151 = 17%
[ ] Hi’ram – 90 = 0%
[ ] Young A – 6193 = 33%
[ ] Danfamily – 3867 = 21%
[ ] Decious – 149 = 1%
[ ]
[ ] DMS – 118 = 3%
[ ] Tbose – 1644 = 47%
[ ] Royal-t – 1635 = 47%
[ ] J-Ballistc – 29 = 1%
[ ] Morph – 44 = 1%


Congratulations To All The Winners. Your Vouchers Are Ready, 2016 is a Year To Grow Your Careers. 

APOLOGY NOTE: Artists and everyone who were looking forward to attend the #MALWELA event we sincerly apologise about the short notice that the show couldn’t be taking place at Peter Mokaba Stadium on the 27th of November 2015, the show is not cancelled, it has only been postponed to 2016 due to mediocrity of the situations, but the date is not yet decided

We would like to apologise to our artists, we know you guys were fully prepared and overwhelm that the day has finally came, you have the authority to shoot the founder of #Malwela Music Awards but please don’t shoot him to death.

There will be a show, we just want to make it at the highest standard, where every artists will meet their desire, Hope you guys understand. Thank You. – #Malwela Editor 



Hash Tag Malwela Music Awards is designed for every talented artist to grow better, our culture is to change the rules of the industry and not playing by the rules at all. We are a campaign that is bigger than the music industry, what makes us brilliant in our core services and values is that we build a relationship that allows us to communicate with every artist about things other than music.

We have decided to change the philosophy of focusing on selling and promoting the international Music, the industry has built itself a model which was based on attracting and trapping local artist so that they couldn’t sell their music much more than international artists. We became ruthless at breaking down that model that local artist don’t have value and refocusing more of our energy on local talents and music which local musicians and fans truly value it. And it is all driven with the believe.

Now our deeds are matching our words. Selling the local music to the local people it is ultimately the most profitable business model, have we ignored this model, none of us would be doing the right thing for the local talent today. One can say all they like about local artist and local music having bad or good experience, but the time local people voted with their hearts, that was the proof that local artist are in the music business.

We’ve absolutely mandated local people to be part of the local successful stories, local music and talents rather than saying “local is leker”. The reality is if you can not turn your fans into customers, there’s no way you can sell your music to your fans. And by establishing this event we are turning fans into customers and the fans understand what it is that they have to do to achieve this and how much more enjoyable artists careers became. A vast majority of local people have a good understanding of what our strategy is, what we are trying to archive, where we are trying to get the local music to, and they articulate what that means for them and the local artist on daily basis by supporting every step we execute. 

If we are to continue to be a successful country and rich in music we need to continue supporting local, music, businesses, and talents.

The #Malwela Music Awards 2015 Nominations Concert will take place at Auditorium Polokwane Library Gardens on the 17th of July 2015. Artist will be nominated according to their hard work as well as their music genres, in order to contest at the #Malwela Music Awards 2015. 

Artists will be voted online after being nominated at the Nominations Concert in July. Tickets are sold from R15 and VIP R25

Event will start from 10:30am – 4pm afternoon. With all your support our 2nd annual Music Awards will be prosperous. THANK YOU!

#Malwela Music Awards is one of the campaigns Hash Tag Malwela Pty Ltd host annually, #Malwela Music Awards helps young talented upcoming artist to get the exposure they need and it also recognizes their music in deferent genres. The campaign also creates unity amongst the local entire artists around the country. #Malwela music awards operate under the media department. In this campaign different business merge, collaborate and grow.

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