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About us 

One of the boldest thing we did was to create #MALWELA! Brand and an advertising agency for small and big businesses in 2014.

There’s one thing we don’t believe in : that small businesses don’t deserve world class advertising and marketing. They do.

That’s why when we started in 2014 we made a bold decision that if we are going to stand for something we are going to stand for small and big businesses and make sure the whole globe knows about their brands and products. Customers buy what they know. 

But with big and small brands the question has always been, how do you capture the brand and communicate it to the world? Since our establishment we became the answer to that question through traditional advertising, outdoor marketing, digital advertising, handshake marketing (which most agencies don’t do), social media ads, modeling and most importantly by developing timeless relevant content for local and international brands.

Brand Promise 

Our brand promise is to make our Client’s customer’s to engage with their brands and that engagement be the best thing they did all day.

That promise is backed up by making sure that your business is continually evolving and remaining relevant for the customer. 

Why Always Work With Us

Our creative strategies is responsible for overseeing the customer experience, the brand and any public Chanel that the work we have contributed to is expressed through. So our focus is making sure that the unique feeling of our client’s brand is delivered to the customer. We just know that if you do something nice for somebody, by large most people are going to think well of you and they will go and tell somebody else. 

We always try to create new ways for our client’s customers to enjoy themselves online and even personally – when they visit their stores.

The generation of today they are so technologically adapted they don’t need to walk in to a TV room to watch ads. Why would someone with a smart phone with all these social media apps go into a TV room to watch sports, news, weather updates and ads?

We got in the flow of social media since day one of our operation. We love the emergence of social media opportunity because it fits so well with our brand culture-innovative ideas of digital marketing, advertising, traditional marketing and word of mouth approach online. It just helps our clients brands to be exponential. The biggest thing about social media sites like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is that the conversation is going on out there about your company regardless of whether it’s during the day or during the night. We consistently develop a content that is relevant for social media. A content that the new generation can repeatedly watch and relate to.  

Our Culture 

Our Culture Is Our Asset. 

We’ve always believed that culture and brand are the same, and you cannot have one without the other.

So our brand culture is innovation, because innovation permeates our organization at all levels. We always create new ways for our clients to achieve their business goals and believe in their businesses and visions. If we innovate for the sake of innovating we forsake the culture, so we innovate because it is relevant to the market.

If we weren’t innovative, we wouldn’t have remained the most recommended advertising agency in the world. The single greatest asset we possess is our Culture.

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