A couple of years ago, when I was fresh from college I had already knew what I wanted in life and how to get it. I faced a lot of criticism from close friends and relatives, telling me that I should not apply for jobs during the festive season; it’s only done properly in January. But I was bold enough to break whatever the rules. I started applying for a job I always wanted a day after my last day in college. By the first week of January I was already working, and here I will share with you how to get the job of your dreams in four weeks.


Following these simple basic principles is very easy, you just have to make sure you understand what you are applying for, what exactly are you willing to benefit or how much you are willing to get paid. Then once you’ve assessed those quick questions, then you can now start documenting your profile or CV, when this is done, make sure you package this in a business file not a brown or white envelope, using a brown envelope decreases your self-esteem, your value and the value you will bring to the business you’re applying for. It makes no difference whether you are a graduate or not, if you are still using a brown envelope when applying for a job, you are operating exactly like windows 98 and which company uses that kind of software at this day and age? –None. Now you know why your previous applications have been declined.

Using a file grant you too many chances to get a job of your dream, because when you use a file you are operating exactly like windows 10 or whatever the latest software is available right now, using a business file changes how people perceive you with or without a degree and your value is already on demand. Using a file means you are a business that is applying for a business to give more business to the existing business. What I mean by this is if you want to get your dream job you need to behave exactly like a business person, which takes us to the second point.


Unfortunately my boss he is not currently looking for an extra employee in the company. Most of you are familiar with this kind of answer, if not this, its ‘’leave your CV on the desk I will pass it to the manager’’. This person is a receptionist or an assistant, she is not a decision maker, so getting a job from this person is what you have been waiting for and that is why you are still not working at your dream company yet. Some of you have missed big opportunities because you handed your best crafted profiles or CVs to the wrong person, not the decision makers. When you go to a company you have always wanted to work for, make sure you request to see or to have a meeting with the decision maker, do not drop your profile or CV at the reception desk. Hey! Listen to me, do not. Drop it in front of the decision maker it could be a super visor or a manger or the owner of the business make sure you meet up with them and hand them your CV or profile, this gives you what I call the Golden moment. The Golden moment is when you finally got the chance to meet up with the decision maker and you have that 60 seconds to sell  yourself and convince them you are the best business asset they have been searching for and why they should hire you as soon as possible. Please do me a favor! do not waste their time, don’t consumes more than 120 seconds, they will get bored.


During then golden moment you are actually in an interview and you are giving answers before you are asked the relevant questions. You are actually demanding the job and if it means you will have to cry for this position in front of the decision makers let it be. This is your opportunity to prove to them how much you would love to work with them and how devoted you will be to this job. This is what I call the Golden moment and if you fail to walk away with Gold, blame nobody but yourself. You couldn’t sell yourself better, try next time and even next time use the same method to reach the decision maker so you can have your Golden moment. The receptionist can’t handle an ambitious somebody like you who is self-driven and fired up with enthusiasm during the Golden moment, only the decision maker can do that. Now that you have managed to convince the decision makers that you are the right business asset, the next final point emphasizes how to sneak through and start working from the very same day.


Of course your dream job should pay you enough money to live comfortably and offer you too many changes to progress in life. But that only happens if you have mastered the skill to work for free. Expert volunteers know that it requires passion for the job to keep on keeping on during the hardest moments while working towards the goal of getting that big cheque. During your Golden moment make sure you make it clear to the decision makers that being an expert volunteer is one of your best skills and you can start practicing the skill right after the meeting is adjourned. You need to show them that you came for the job, you came prepared and you had already concluded within yourself that the job is yours –this is called faith my friend. It takes more than wishing it, it will get to that point where it will require faith. And that point is the last minute you leave your door house when you going to meet the decision makers.

This is your dream job, this is what you have always dreamed about –even the time you were graduating. Now that you are in and you not yet getting paid for being the best business asset, it should make you more grateful and more of a hard worker. Before you know it you will be collecting your dream salary and living your dream life, driving your dream car. It always start by doing more work for less until the day you start doing less work for more money. You now have four weeks to change your life for the better and please share this link with all your class/soul/college/work mates. You do not want to get paid alone, do you?


HOW TO BOUNCE BACK FROM EVERY SITUATION AS A WOMAN (Only bold & divorced mom’s are doing this)

Don’t ever let anyone steal your dreams again.

A year ago –You’ve decided to start selling popcorn and cigarettes because is been two years now without a job, and your ex-boyfriend dumped you for “Mavis the HR lady” you could barely take a good care of your son, and your  ex-boyfriend was tired of playing a happy stepfather while you were broke. But…

Keep Going – Your braveness makes some of us want to work 24 hours 7 days a week without any nap. Sure, the rest of your family might not understand, but they’re not going to buy you Woolworth’s groceries and take your son to private school. Most of your family members are not hustlers so they won’t understand the path you chose and why you did it. Keep going, you’ve already started on a very promising journey. You might not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but what matters is the light within you.

Hustlers don’t necessarily love or even agree with everything they hustle for, but at the start-up stage you only do what needs to be done until the day you will start doing what you want to do.

I’ve hustled in places you will find hard to believe because of where I am today and what I’m getting paid for. Washing tents, selling DVD players door to door, selling airtime from a back room, selling inspirational quotes at the taxi rank. I had any particular interest in some of those, but I had to do them in order for me to get where I am today. But because I was being paid and money matters for a broke hustler, I used it as a step leader to greatness.

There’s no shame in making money from selling phone screen guards, USB cables, power banks, cool times, newspaper. There’s shame in being a broke mother, sister, cousin or niece.

Don’t be afraid to try something new: you might enjoy it more than you think, and it might be the first step to turning your hustle into an actual entrepreneurship career. Successful entrepreneurs don’t doubt themselves.

Self-doubt can be very destructive, and can cripple your ability to hustle for more money on a day to day operation. It’s something to stand firm against – but it’s important to remember that you’re not the only hustler who’s fighting to turn their hustle into an entrepreneurship career , so do not sleep your life away, don’t blink, don’t sleep or you’ll be passed by other hustlers who are hungrier, join them and hunt together. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t have any one supporting you and believing that your hustle will make a successful empire one day, as long as you have a little voice in your head saying “I am the next female millionaire ” you’ve got it, keep building.

When we talk about “Hustling”, we often mean “what you’re doing”. We do not mean imagining what you are doing sitting down at on a cough you didn’t buy, streaming channels on TV you didn’t pay for, waiting for another month to elapse so you can spend money(Your boyfriend’s) you didn’t work for.

Filling the fridge with exactly what we want to eat, bought with the money you worked for is the true expression of a cleverly bold woman.  “Balance the job and the dream until the dream becomes the job.” Tony Gaskins –Author Cliff Billionair


I’ve always loved how dreamers responded to the success of the #MALWELA! T-shirt. As we celebrate another season of the success of Hash Tag Malwela T-shirt, I’d love to thank you as you allowed me to share a little secret behind its success. Today I would like to talk more about success or should I say why few are successful and many are not (some even hate those who became successful just right in front of their eyes)

He’s name is Frank, he made it to the top, but my concern is why Frank is at the top alone. I believe words by words will give everyone who’s reading right now a clue. I mean Frank is not some high ranking dude, he is just like you and I and the rest of his friends. “Do I really want to be sitting around at home and complain, blame my background and keep blaming the government?” he frequently asked himself these kind of questions, even when he was around his friends.

He’s friends were talkers, he was a doer. He was determined to do the best he can with what he had. Following his determination, was a day to day actions and humbleness.
In the late summer Frank came up with a plan to try to piece together some empty bottles that had been used during music festivals and street parties, he started selling designed glass-cups to local residents and sometimes he would go to town during pay days where he was able to make good money, of course he invited all his friends to join him since he always believed two minds are better than one. But his friends laughed at him and his ideas, one of his friends Walter even said “this is a rubbish job, what will people say when they see me selling glass cups at the taxi rank, like really”.

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I wonder what people are saying now, because Walter is still in the same position he was 12 years ago. The real rubbish is not how Frank started or what he started with, the real rubbish is Walter’s position. If you find yourself in Walter’s position, it’s time to pull up your socks, kick that stupid blanket every morning, give up Television Completely, swallow your empty pride, stop bordering your parents and cousins with money favors and start your small hustle (I did not say get a job, I said start a hustle) like I always say “if you stay 12 months looking for a job every day and you don’t get hired or always fail interviews, it’s a clear sign that you are too creative for a 9-5” worse part of Walter’s situation is he was unemployed for 12 years, he always depended on parents resources, this blinded him because he was always driving his parents car and thinking it was his. Frank wanted it so bad that he had to do rubbish job, he gave up TV shows, he was at the point of no return, “no matter what they say, how they criticize, how they laugh at me or hate, I don’t have time for them I’m not going to stop this and I’m not turning back”. Don’t be fooled by short stories and movies on TV, moving from Walter’s situation to Frank’s it is not easy, it may sound easy but it’s not, it is one of the greatest challenge you could ever face in your life of dreams, but the results after you have endured the pain is priceless.

Fast forward : Frank he is currently running a glass manufacturing company, I really don’t care much how much money he makes but for as long as he is living his dream, to me that’s success. This is the guy who started small just like the rest of other entrepreneurs you admire today. He fell, he made mistakes, he missed big opportunities, but he dusted himself, got up and kept going, his mistakes became his best teacher, and he realized that most start up entrepreneurs miss business changing opportunities because it is not presented in a money form or suit and tie.
It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are still in Walter’s position, you are still trying to be admired by everyone you meet, you are still trying to become friends with everyone and you are still very far from having the best days of your life, but it’s possible to change your position and become successful. Success is a state of mind.
A people pleasing person is the most unhappy person in life, one of the reason people fail and still remain the best complainers is they worry too much about what people think of them, what people think of their hustle, who said what about who or them, none of those things can be turned into a pay Cheque, pay no attention to such. The minute you start to care about what people say or think about you, is the very same moment you should be upgrading your standard from Walter’s to Frank’s.

Frank he is at the top now and some of the best days of his life are happening right there, he’s not yet a Billionaire, but he is still doing what some of us do best, talk less and do more. There’s too much risk up there but too many prizes too, up there no cowards allowed, up there no egocentric folks allowed, up there a thick skin is required, up there only the paranoid survives, up there negativity does not exist, up there great minds discuss ideas not people, up there you see what other people can’t see, up there sacrifice is the cornerstone of your dreams, up there comfort zone does not exist, up there readers are leaders and leaders are readers, up there time is more important than money, up there consistency and commitment are a daily fashion, and to climb up there you need to be ambitious, you need a legit passion for what you do and a heart of perseverance.

He is not really a bad person but a good and humbled person, it’s just that continuing hanging with his friends will sometimes hinder him or derail him. He understands very well that the company you keep on daily basis matters, you are the books you read and you are the people you hang around with. One of the most important lesson I’ve learnt is that it crucial to surround yourself with positive thinkers, risk takers, hustlers, givers than takers, Dreamers and doers and also people with business acumen. This is very real believe me, just reflect back 14 days ago, who was the most influential person in your circle, what were they saying and how do they treat people, what is their perception about money, what do they smoke or drink, how much money are they earning or what do they believe in most, and then look at yourself now you will realize that you are them, your mind is constantly thinking about the conversations you had and the things you did with them.
Full Story Will Be Available On The #Malwela Book (To be Released in 2018). THE WORLD IS CURRENTLY READ THIS



Rules .21.26

Try opening these seven rules below

¶ Great hustlers have huge influence, you know why? – it’s simply because they are very persuasive, they have “If opportunity doesn’t come to you, go get it” mentality. Stop Procrastinating and start doing whatever you always wanted to do with your life today. There will never be a perfect time to start making a difference in your life, don’t put off to tomorrow while you have the whole of today. Tomorrow does not exist.

¶ Sure there’s a risk in every hustle and those who are far ahead of you are those who are taking risk more than you do. Profit is the reward for risk. No risk no gain.

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                GIVE UP TV SHOWS                        

By now you should know what drives you and what you really want. If you are clear about what you want and where you visualize your life in the next coming years, then do something about it. Stop rolling on bed your peers are busy pushing. You are busy watching TV Like you are rich and they are busy working like we broke. The Point is are you willing to sacrifice one of your favourite TV shows for your dream? If yes. I know why you are reading this article right now and I’m very proud of you, we have something in common.

¶ Don’t just dream about it and do nothing. Don’t just Preach about it and wish about it. Want it bad enough, want it exclusively, go door to door. Wanting it so bad will differentiate you from the rest. Dig deeper. Keep digging… You are almost there.

¶ Dream Big, that’s what other hustlers are doing right now, to reach their level you have to aim beyond what you are capable of. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. God has already approved the hustle, why wait for us to tell you go for it? Okay go for it.

¶ Don’t you know that one committed hustler can change the whole community? Look at that guy who sells phone pouches more than the rest, look at the most recommend gardener in your hood, look at how that dude sells cool-time by the taxi ranks and his able to live better with the profit. Please tell me you are tired of begging.

¶ Enough with that cheap pride of yours, it won’t get you any further. The more you become yourself, the more you become transparent the more likely you are to attract new associates and good friends. I’ve heard many hustlers claim they can’t go from point A to B if Mum didn’t provide them with a car. Well I guess you will now realize why you still at point B-Broke. A 21 year old cashier is 5 times better than a 21 year old home-boy who depends on parents salaries. – by Cliff Ntimbani @CliffBillionair


3things .17.03

I’ve often met people who are good when it comes to complaining than working, if you are one of those who go to work to complain than working, then getting an increase and a promotion it’s not for you – Unless your follow the following three steps. I don’t believe in salary negotiations – your work should do the talking.

Seven Things

If you are going to continue doing short cuts, take a look at the impact on services those short cuts are likely to have. In most cases when the retrenchment liquid start to sink in the organization you probably the first person to get threatened because you know you lack accuracy.
Whatever your goal might be at your current employer, make it a point to give your all in anything that you do. Keep your ego aside, always complete given tasks, don’t fake sick leave notes, stop complaining, don’t hate your supervisor, or your boss, always knock off in time, just because the management doesn’t confront you it doesn’t mean they don’t notice that and most importantly be anything you want to be (but please don’t be late), you need to realize that you are given an opportunity to prove yourself that you are the best. Your time is limited so don’t cut corners if you are serious about building up a good career-profile.

Doors start opening when you start loving everyone you work with every day, forgive them when they wronged you. Learn to listen more than you respond, when someone archives a set target congratulate from your heart. Employees who choose to be inspired by other employees instead of hating they excel, they enjoy the work environment day in day out. When they see other employees get promoted they congratulate them and grow the courage to work harder. They are so dedicated that they forget to gossip about other employees and their employers. Before you know it there comes a promotion with an extended contract and a very good salary. Be an inspiration to your colleagues, be an example, whatever the task do it like you are there for the last time – one day you’ll be. Leave a mark.

To be the president, you need to be loyal. Loyalty can’t be bought remember, if you give the company you work for something so priceless there is no way the company’s eyes will fail to notice that. There is a yes way that you are going to be promoted because you can be trusted with almost anything at any department. Employee loyalty doesn’t happen overnight it has to be earned over a period of time.
Loyalty go hand in hand with responsibility, you know you are responsible when you can’t even steal $1 from your company. You know you are responsible when you call or text a sick colleague during his or her sick leave. Loyalty and responsibility plays a key role in leadership. Who wouldn’t wanna promote such a wonderful employee? – Even if other employees are brought into the picture, the management and the culture of the business it’s-self displays your picture first, followed by all your hard work, love, generosity, kindness and loyalty.

After all, employee loyalty is more important and profitable for the organization than rivalries and petty jealousies. –  Cliff Ntimbani @CliffBillionair 


“How Slowly Your Man Can Destroy Your Dreams”

It was on Monday February 1st, just two weeks before Valentines Day when she said “yes I am also in-love with you, and I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with you” isn’t that amazing when two meant to be souls join together and become one?
As devoted as she was to him, she never cheated, never disrespected him, and never betrayed her one and only. How much did he appreciated her for that? He said to her “NOW I will not repeat myself ever again, I don’t have a budget to take you to school, I can only…… “Ssshhh!! Let’s leave it there, you also have your own relationship-story which didn’t end good. But somewhere out there there is a young lady who’s dreams have been crushed because of a mere boyfriend.

One of the reasons your boyfriend is insecure is because, he thinks you can’t be trusted, I have never met an average girl who’s boyfriend is playing the insecurity games. Yes you really can’t be trusted because you will soon do better than him, he can’t bare the feeling of watching you living your dreams, driving a RANGE ROVER, tripling his salary, he does not have Jealousy towards his home boys only, but towards his girlfriend too.


Girlfriend have you given up on your dream already? I’m taking about that dream of you traveling all around the world, exploring, building up your career, getting paid in euros and dollars. The dream of driving your own Ferrari, counting your own money, spoiling your own momy or guardian, running your own businesses, investing in Real Estates, building Malls. Okay if I sound like I’m predicting your future, then why do you always need an approval from your boyfriend to start living your dreams? He always stop you from thriving in to new opportunities, when you talk about applying or enrolling over seas he’s the first person to discourage you, that’s greed at its very best, he’s excuse is “what about me, I can’t wait for you that long, you’ll be far I might get someone else, besides I wanna marry you, what kind of a wife are you going to make”


and you afraid of loosing him, you let an opportunity that might change your life passes you by because of a mere boyfriend. Letting your boyfriend choose your career path for you is as bad as letting him choose your way to heaven or hell.

Do you recall those sleepless nights of you studying very hard? Gawl you were not doing it for him, you didn’t graduate for him but for your own dreams. Do you recall how long it took you to get that job? Now somebody came along the new chapter of your life and thinks you are desperate for marriage and wants to drift you away from what you have been building almost your whole life. It doesn’t matter how handsome he is or how good his sex is, your dream is all that matters, I’m not trying to teach you to compromise, for your dream don’t compromise because you only have you and your dream rooted inside of you, your boyfriend he is temporary, you are actually borrowed. Don’t even waste energy trying to find out by whom. Direct all your energy towards one thing – You biggest Dream.

When a woman start living her dreams, a miracle in the country start happening. Stop doing what you don’t love. Start doing what you love. Yes ‘L. O. V. E‘  unless your love for your dream is greater than your love for him. You are standing every chance of witnessing your friends, peers and cousins living their dreams and you and your boyfriend will consol each other by saying “Her Mother Gave Her A Kick Start, Besides What’s The Point Of Having Everything And Remain Single”

Well the point is HAPPINESS IS DOING WHAT YOU LOVE EVERY DAY BABE – Cliff Ntimbani @CliffBillionair


What is the most goal that would thrill you if you achieved it?

It is more difficult to speak about this but I will go ahead and share it anyway, it might not move you the same way it moved me, but it will definitely move you one way or the other.

Late for the senceond meeting of the day, finally I’m in the meeting busy selling ADS from Hash Tag Malwela Media as usual. 45 minutes later, the clients is sold in, as a self-assured entrepreneur with the confidence I have gained through my business life over the past nine years I always knew how to listen well, think clearly and know when it’s time to act and sell. What created the Billionaire inside of me is the fact that I’m not afraid to take risks and I always move ahead in confidence – I feel like the David of this world.

Just when I thought I was only cutting my hair, since I always bring my own machine here. This time there’s more to that than to this CHISKOP of mine that makes me look handsome all the time, this Barber is very good at what he does.
While he’s busy telling me how he’s weekend cracked down, a guy busy selling Hydro-Cooltimes in a very cold weather (18°) passes by and guess what, he had 2 hydro’s left and my Barber decided to buy one and said to me after the hydro guy left “I only buy to support him, this guy hustles here around town every day, his family doesn’t approve his hustle, they kicked him out and he decided he will sleep on the streets in the mean time, until things are better” okay the story is very  interesting and touching I didn’t wanna ask more details, I didn’t even care who bought the other 7 Hydros as I realized that having a roof over my head and running my own business being blessed with the expensive office equipment, was something I always forget to be grateful for to God. This just taught me a vast lesson – Gratitude over Attitude Daily.

And here my Barber explaining his weekend story, he woke up late and started operating his business late because he was drinking the whole weekend and it costed him clients, but before he came to Town he had a serious battle between him and his negative inner person “I wanted to stay at home the whole day and later on go and buy two 750ml of Castle but then I thought twice about that decision, how about I force and run to Town” he said, which is something he ended up doing. Hence he was busy cutting my hair. Okay another lesson leant here: being broke it’s a decision not to take a serious action, yes your parents failed to take you to University but still if you have been unemployed for a while it goes down to two things – decision not to take an action.

Yes you have qualifications and good ones but if you find yourself reading this article without an income, salary or something, then the hydro – cool time guy is doing better than you pal, you lack actions, you have options, you are too comfortable, you have not made a decision to act towards your life-goals, haven’t you learnt already that comfort zone doesn’t pay bills? you probably one those “I will do it properly fresh tomorrow”.

It’s Time Now To Live Your Dreams, begin to take positive steps toward that passion, the dream that energizes you. Start typing that CV even if it doesn’t have reference and go knock door to door they are waiting for a brilliant somebody like you, don’t despair because of the rejections you will get, what matters it’s action not wishing. Start handing your parents their own things and start working to earn your own, yes they love you so much, but spoiling you at that age will make the generation that comes after you pauper – This is your life, not theirs. If you still think their Nissan Murano and investments will fulfill your desire, you are still dreaming in black and white. Only your dream, the fire that is burning inside of you will fulfill your heart desires.
Start writing down things you want to take place on the next summer, no mind is too dark to shine remember, start planning for that event you have been dreaming about and act. It’s time now, I said now not tomorrow but now to start selling that Tshirt, Sweets, Hats, Newspapers or those designes you have been packaging for years and years. The attitude of ‘some people are just lucky  must come to an end, the harder you work the luckier you get, it’s time you start to be grateful for this moment, this blog and that breath, keep wasting it God will take it away from you and you will ask yourself while on the other side of the world, “why me not that dirty lifeless hobbo – The hobbo is always grateful for a priceless breath.” 

We living in the world of too much information, nothing seems impossible in a world like this one. If you don’t act now, you will probably never act again in the next coming decade. Just like your 65 year old Madala Neighbour who has been busy saying I wanna start a football club since he was 35, okay maybe I’m being delusional he will start afresh when he’s 70. Good luck. – CLIFF NTIMBANI @CliffBillionair 


People who are close to my heart and you didn’t know I draw my strength and inspiration from when business gets tougher⤵
(I’ll mention few for now)

First Let’s travel the world⤵



she’s very goal driven, a born again Christian, a hard worker, a traveler, she’s so ambitious and whenever we talk on the phone for hours I become so alive. Bonakala she’s been to HONG KONG , AUSTRALIA and when she told me about her next trip to travel the world… I became so speechless, I mean a lady so youg with big dreams. It’s not any body’s fault if you are still stuck, it’s probably because you are incapable of thinking big. Work hard. Dream Big or else you will remain small. If you are passionate about traveling the world. Please find time and ask Zoey how she managed to do it. She’s currently in CAPE TOWN 

Let’s talk Secrifice and commitment⤵



my soul connected hommie, believe me whenever I skip a day without working, I feel so guilty, I fell like Sandra never skipped a gym in her life.. From that boomba body to the sexy body she own now. True inspiration, it’s not magic she just put extraordinary effort. I guess she wanted it so bad that she had to sacrifice almost everything including time in front of the TV, at the end of the day it all goes to who want it most. Sandra works for MTN Group miles away from her home town, you know what that means right?. Men make a money, money don’t make a man. I Advice you to ask her how did she get that far, I swear you will wake up tomorrow and start Submitting your CV’s out side your province. It’s Your Life after all, just like it’s my life too.

Let’s talk about independency 



short beautiful young lady with a clear and broad vision. Vixen you are now working, last time I checked you were graduating. She’s been to school gawd damit! She studied night and day to be where she is right now, she worked hard for everything she has, including her iPhone ( just Incase you’ve been dying to own one, go to school and stop playing with Blessers). She’s a marathon runner, she’s very obsessed about her health, she’s probably the healthiest young lady I know at the moment, she’s working for Department of Transport and wena you are still comfortable with your parent’s salaries and the fact that they borrow you a car. Smart people are doing something with their lives out there, when I think of taking a break, her picture visits my mind quickly and I’m like “Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, I’ll have my crowns like Mash one day”. I suggest you Ask her how did she managed to graduate, and moved out of her parents house.

Let’s talk entrepreneurship⤵



 Y’all thought I’ll forget her right?. I’ll never, this is a young lady who was featured on the December issue of #Malwela Newsletter in 2015, at the age of 19 she was already owning and running her own company, and you and I still think it’s very early to start, when I made this discovery about her starting her own things at an early age, I went back to my drawing board and wrote “AGE is just a number” I actually didn’t wanna see myself at the age of 45 saying “I’m Opening a car wash”. Okay ask Ite how did she manage to host so many events at the very young age. Ask her now. Her moves made my moves, move.

Let’s go back to school ⤵



wait, just wait, please hang on. Who’s she again? They ask me… She is that young lady who is studying BI-TECH  in Sport Science and before you and I knew it, she wrapped up her studies in Psychology a Degree I’m telling you, and You still think you are too old to go back to school, if a young lady like her can have a degree in psychology and a BI-TECH in sports science, so can we, this tells exactly that the sky is not even the limit, just be careful of how much you earning right now because it might remain that way in the next coming 10 years. Her and I sleep around 4am almost evryday, when she study, I study too, I leave nothing to chance. God blessed me with the brains and eyes after all. I Advice You now to ask her where did she get that stupid DEGREE.

Let’s Go back to Rural Areas


 she’s a Civil Engineer and Professional model, I have one reason if not million to blog about her, she is from Kga – Mokgwathi village and she has managed to move out and reach for the city lights to achieve a DIPLOMA in Civil Engineering, without both parents being present in her life since the age of 14 and you and I Live in a Township, we are so privilege with both parents, but we are trapped without a mere Grade 12 certificate. My dad and your dad are busy blowing money at the night clubs every weekend, you know why? Because we became so useless and we don’t have a right to blame them, plus our mothers are very comfortable with the fact that we always ask money from them. Haven’t you learnt? No body will live your dreams for you, not even your parents. Okay I believe you would wanna know how did you she make it through, ask her now. Okay I know I should have stopped right there but I couldn’t, I have seen beautiful young girls raised by both parents from the suburbs and get an opportunity to go to university, and end up……..This chapter got me feeling emotional now. I mean this is a lady who doesn’t have a kid, and kids around the suburbs at 14 have kids. I know she doesn’t know how much inspiration I draw from her, this requires self discipline and commitment… She’s 26 and at 25 I brought my mom and dad their 1st grandson ( please don’t tell me ‘ncooooohh‘ thats so special) true special is when a young lady of this new generation managed to pass age of 25 without both parents being present and still taking care of herself purposefully and respectfully.

Im sorry but I’ll have to leave this blog right here for now… I don’t have strength to carry on anymore… All these young women they became successful and powerful by wanting to be successful and powerful. These beautiful young women are very picky when it comes to the company they keep. They have less friends and more work. Unless you change those self discouraging friends in your life. You will never reach your Ultimate goals. The magnitude of your success is determined by the company you keep. – Cliff Ntimbani @CliffBillionair 


1-Some people will never like you, don’t let it bother you.

2-If She cheats, say goodbye

3-You were handsome before she told you

4-Sex does not make you mature or an adult

5-it’s only a bad bae, not a bad life

6-She isn’t the love of my life

7-Stop facebooking your life

8-Don’t let one mistake define you

9-It won’t matter later on that she was the hottest girl in the whole school

10-Bad times make you appreciate good times

11-There is more to life than Saturday night

12-Stop pretending to be someone you’re not to impress her

13-Pray for your future wife once in a while

14-Dont spend more than R5, 000 on her

15-Life goes on

16-Your dad can see a crappy girl before you do

17-Eat your mom cooked meals, you’ll miss it one day

18-Unless she’s your ex-girlfriend stop worrying about her

19-You will regret introducing her to your parents

20-You will never be good enough for her

21-Succes Is the best revenge



Trying to convince people that what’s being said about you it’s not true, it’s a waste of time.

We all have the same amount of time which is 24 hours everyday, how small these hours can be if you are like me who is always on the grind 20hours each day of my hustle, I sometimes wish life could grand us extra 6 hours to make it at least 30 hours a day (Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we had 30/7).
Yet some people still spend more than 14 hours of their time complaining, comparing their life stages to their relatives or friends and hating people who are doing better than them, simply because they don’t wanna work hard, they don’t wanna take risks, they already permitted comfort zone in their lives, they don’t wanna secrifice, some they prefer partying than studying. Haven’t you learnt already? Time is the number one factor here. How you spend your time everyday determines how you value your life and the lives of others around you.

Time is very precious my friend, use it very wisely, okay time is money, does that make sense now?, let’s go back to school a lil bit : let’s say every hour worth $2000, and perday we are granted 24 hours =$48000. Here is how your daily unnecessary debit orders rob you off your wealth : you sleep 8 hours =$16000, remains $32000, you watch reality shows, dramas, soap opera, you know all those entertaining TV programs for 6 hours =$12000, remains 10 hours =$20000 and then here comes the scariest part ; you spend the rest of the remaining 10 hours gossiping, hating and judging on hustlers, grinders, graduates, dreamers, Pastors etc who are doing something with their lives everyday, that’s how you remain broke, with anger, greedy mentality and jeoulosy upon your friends and relatives, you think they better than you because they have better things, no you are absolutely wrong, they actually walk away with your everyday luck, they earn that 10 hours =$20000 you pay them everyday (the 10 hours you spend gossiping about them and hating).
Change is hard but is key, try to change starting from today, spend the 6 hours + 10 hours =$32000 on something very productive like studying, volunteering, submitting your CV, going to church, positive self-talk, working on your new business, networking, reading a book, and most importantly praying for you and praying for others. (Love thy neighbors).

Once you start to control your time, you have started to control your life and you don’t stop. Keep going.
Just keep Hustling, Pushing, Working, Studying etc – Keep Calm. They will never be a hater who’s doing better than you. When I say never I meant NEVER. Haters are followers not leaders, they are talkers not doers. The more you elevate, the more they hate and talk. The more you walk away with their dollars. The higher you climb up the success ladder.

When you drive a Polo they hate by saying “Starter Pack”. When you Drive an Etos they go like “Her mom deposit that shit for her”, lol when you drive M3 they can even explode by saying ” He drives BMW but stays in a Flat” – If you still belong to this kind of group of people, you are a gigantic HATER and it’s never too late to change.

Here is a funny part, the day you buy a House, that’s the minute they start to do something about their lives, you will bump into them around town, malls, industrial sites with a brown envelope job hunting. Didn’t you know that haters haven’t started living yet? Okay check how they spend their 10 hours. Get it now. Successful people they don’t have time for hatred, they value every second they have and they grow with everyone.

Wanna live a life full of joy, peace, love and growth, stop hating and start Hustling. Stop hating and start Studying. Stop hating and start Loving. Stop hating and Praying. Stop hating and start Living. Jealousy will never pay your bills. Time is money. Compliment, Congratulate and Collaborate. They’ll always be someone who’s doing better than you, Smarter than you. Wiser than you, Creative than you. The minute you accept that and stop comparing your self to others (including your relatives) that’s the minute you change your life around.

I recommend you share this life changing article with friends and relatives. – Cliff Ntimbani @CliffBillionair



1-I would be mentally attractive.

2-I wouldn’t loose a sleep over someone i dont wake up to.

3-I wouldn’t settle for less.

4-I would cry that i don’t have a Diploma, Degree, Matric Certificate or a Dream Job, than crying because he is cheating, he left me, he doesn’t want to propose or He lost his job.

5-I’d remind myself that he is not a blessing if He comes between me and God.

6-I would just walk away as soon as i start feeling unwanted, i wouldn’t fix it or beg.

7-I would learn to say no without explaning myself.

8-I would stop being a girl who preaches “i will leave one day” and be a woman wo “Just leave” –Cliff Ntimbani @CliffBillionair 


Do you feel as if you are losing hope for continuing with your hustle, business, career or work, because it’s not producing the results you are expecting?

“if your aim is to enjoy the friendship of this world, you have compromised all your love for your work, business, hustle or career”

Understand that what ever you do if you are not doing it out of love and consistently, it’s not going to produce the ultimate result, no matter how good or talented you are.
People will tell you “do this and don’t do that” When it benefits them, when it suits them, when it pleases them, I’m writing this article to make you realise that friendship with your hustle, business, career or work makes you an enemy of people (the world) you will always encounter the judgment from friends and family if you try to stand out, if you try to be different and choose not to live by their rules and standards, if you stop focusing on what the next person is saying about your mistakes and the path you chose, believe me that’s the way to go if you want to achieve ultimate results, but please put your heart into it and do it consistently.

The good news is that you have all the ability to win, don’t brush this statement off, its one that can make you understand why you are where you are today and why you feel like giving up, why you chose to be average, why you celebrate mediocrity in your society and why you are loved by everyone around you.
What you say is why you get, what you think is what you are and what you do is what you live, so you create your own life.
I see too many talented people quitting because of what other people say about them, let’s go back a lil bit “you become what you say right” so if somebody say something about you, it shouldn’t bother you or intimidate you, because it doesn’t come within you. You should focus on what you say about yourself (positive things only).

Whatever you want, For as long as you want it bad enough, you can get it, put your heart into it, don’t compromise it, and don’t do it Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, but do it evryday, it will soon become part of you and you will become part of it, you will then create your life (what you do). Work is life, life is work.
You can notice I haven’t mentioned the word “meeting” not that I hate meetings, but because I encourage you to work not to talk, the world rewards actions, that’s the way it is.

Doing nothing will do nothing for you, if you want some things you must do something, but if you want nothing, just do nothing, simple as Maths Literacy. If you don’t love it don’t do it, if you carry on doing what you don’t love, you are wasting your time, you are actually not living your own life, because there is a difference between doing something out of obligation and doing something because you are inlove with it. When you delight in your hustle, work, career or business nothing compares to that, and nobody can take that away from you, that’s a magnet that attracts money without you running after it, see! you have all the power to win.

Quitting in doing something that you love rarely happens deliberately. Once somebody throws in a hat it’s probably not what they always loved, hunger or peer pressure drove them to do it from the first place or somebody somewhere along the way chose the path for them. We are familiar with the saying “If you love it put a ring on it”, the same goes for your hustle, career, work or business, if you love it put your Heart to it, work on it every day, every day means daily.
“If you love it put 24 hours on it” #CaseClossed – by Cliff Ntimbani | @CliffBillionair 





when was the last time you attended a Learning event related to your work?

Ooh I see you don’t work, he he he very funny. No longer funny now, if you still doing the same thing you still getting the same amount of results. That’s one of the reasons you don’t work, another one is fear of being judge or laughed at, or have you ever heard people laughing at money? Your a joke because your are lazy. Success is not a comedy, being broke might be.

Turn Your Strategy Into Action. CAR WASH

This Guy was tired of waiting for favours and funding empty promises. He decided to use what he had to move forward, I never met him but I’ve met the business, one thing I’m sure of is he is not a preacher, he is a doer. He acted, his business is few metres away from government offices, this simply explains “Action“. He is at work too.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “we must become the change we want to see”
If you want to see a millionaire in your family generation, start creating one today, if you resist change you resist growth. Are you still waiting for your grandparents to buy you a tent to start your own car wash? be careful not to wait forever. I Myself started a Photography Company with a 8MP Sony Ericsson cell phone, what’s your excuse now?. You waiting for an online post to apply for a job? good luck with the wait, true Hustlers knock door after door, they know waiting kills passion and drive. Stop procrastinating tomorrow is not your friend.

-CLIFF NTIMBANI ¦ @CliffBillionair



If you want it sooner, you need to start earlier.

What’s going on in your life at this moment? If nothing is going on, that simply means nothing is going on, something great has not yet sarted. What are you waiting for? LATER? Don’t save this article for later read it NOW!

You have watched others acting upon their talks, you have seen small ideas turned in to vast success, and you have been pretending to be somebody you are not.

From today stop faking, imitations don’t last longer, look deep inside your mind, heart and soul and RE-discover you, so you can be proud of being yourself. Being yourself is when you become greater than any challenges and acting upon your talks is when wishing is replaced by actions.

People have a natural tendency to compare their dreams with others, I don’t care whether you have bigger dreams than all of us, if your dreams are not supported by actions, you are still existing not living. Existing is when you have no vision, no direction, no goals and no actions in life, if you still can’t be better than the person you were yesterday, you are still existing, if you are still complaining about the same thing you use to complain about last year, you are definitely existing. Living is when you realize the purpose of being who and where you are now and all your dreams, visions, goals are supported by your actions.

The fact remains that the only place you can find “success” before “work” is in the dictionary.

The reason you are late is because you started late, okay wait! how about this “the reason you will get it late is because you want to start later“, where I come from a 43 years old man died while still waiting for later to arrive in his life so he can start his investment company. Where I come from a 25 years old Business minded lady she still waiting for later to arrive so that she can start to register her first company and start living, it’s happening where I come from a 22 year old son with diploma still hanging around at car washes and corners of the streets smoking marijuana, he is patiently waiting for later to accompany him to start looking for a job. And where I’ve been invited to work, a model was shot dead by her abusive boyfriend because she waited for morethan 4 years for the angel later to come and rescue her from the abusive relationship, will later ever arrive thou?

Yes it will arrive, it always does, but it always arrive wearing a dark evil coat labelled “NEVER“. So what are you waiting for? Later it’s a ghost, later it’s not your friend, later is for the dead. And Now is for the living. Whatever you want to do, do it NOW. Now! Now! Now!


-by Cliff Ntimbani |@CliffBillionair



Since 2010 You’ve been saying⤵

What if i fail?

What if I’m turned down?

What if I’m not good enough?

What if they laugh at me?

2016 You’ll Still Remain Broke!

In 2020⤵

They’ll be laughing at you. You’ll still be a failure who never tried.  You’ll still be not good enough.

Are you comfortable seeing your friends receiving salaries today? Does it make you a man/lady being the one they always send to buy drinks because you always broke? Are you afraid to break away? Don’t betray your dream for a relationship, there was a dream before the relationship, why compromise to live average? After reading this article ask yourself this question “Who are you and What do you live for”? 

You can’t let fear dictate your future. Choose the life you want and go for it today. From today start using fear as a motivational tool to keep chasing your dreams and the life you want to create.

I mean don’t you think it’s a little weird that you don’t even have one investment?

You need to change, and you need to change now not tomorrow, you have been a burden enough to your parents and friends. I know that the fear is a very real one, but you need to stand up tall, actually taller so you can see the other good side of fear and start being motivated by it

-Purposefully God Created The Unique You. Leave a mark in this world while you still have a chance. 

“Who are you and What do you live for”?

-by Cliff Ntimbani |@CliffBillionair 


-God bless the taxi driver for taking me to work

Does the thought of living everyday life without a car bothers you? It shouldn’t. Please tell me you have already started long time ago, please tell you have fallen and got up and still going, if not then tell me you not waiting for your parents to die so that you can start using their car. There are millions of people out there who are doing great things with less resources. What’s stopping you? The thought of going to taxi rank everyday?

If you don’t go to that taxi rank, if you don’t make that massive move I tell you 10 years from now you will be at the very same taxi rank begging for cigarettes or washing taxi’s.

The only thing that can stop you is nobody but death only, what should be bordering you right now is not the lack of a car, but the lack of actions, the lack of something you passionate about or the lack of drive and ambition to do something, if it were you’re last day on earth today, were you going to be proud enough of what you did in this planet? If the answer is no, stop talking and start acting.

The reality is when you see taxi’s on the streets and at the ranks the taxi driver already made a move and booked you a seat, get in to that seat and make things happen in your life. Forget about the saying “not everyone who owns a car bought it” and start thinking “not everyone who owns a dream follows them”. Taxi drivers they might talk a lot but they always on time and always on the grind, you might be a saint but always late or not even doing something for your better tomorrow. Actually the taxi driver create a value for those who created value for their lives, let’s face it taxi drivers love Hustlers /workers /Go-Getters and dreamers who pursue their dreams, they love someone who attends the booked seat.

Remember the five most motivation words

“YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT”. I did it without a car, she did without a car and somebody in another country is doing it without a car. If you still waiting for the day your parents will hand you their car keys, it’s okay then keep waiting, just don’t wait until Jesus comes back.

Meet You At The Taxi Rank Tomorrow Morning – by Cliff Ntimbani ¦ @CliffBillionair 


It took 125 years for landlines telephones to reach one billion subscribers world wide.

-You’ve been in business for 5YEARS & haven’t made your 1st profit you wanna quit, 7YEARS back you had an operating business, now you are employed (you gave up), you’re sphaza shop is 2YEARS  old now & you thought you’ll be driving a Range Rover? you’re not a soccer player, you’re an entrepreneur. What happened to that idea of operating an Internet café in rural areas? Ooh I know critics said it won’t work out. (close your ears & open your mind)

20 years from now my business will still be serving a value to this continent, 8 years ago I was self-employed (I took a risk). 8 years from now I’ll be self employing (well if that doesn’t happen, 80 years from now then, but I will never quit until I self-Empower. Never!)

I beg you don’t Quit, we need your value in this world. God Made You a Brilliant Entrepreneur. 

by Cliff Ntimbani | @CliffBillionair 



Waste Your Money and You’re Only Out of Your Money. Waste Your Time and You’ve Wasted Part of Your Life.

Don’t just sit at home, do something that will take you somewhere better tomorrow. Don’t mind them, they’ll talk whether you are employed or not, few are laughing at you now, 10 years later the whole world will be laughing at you. Entlek they love the fact that you currently useless. they need someone to hangout with (wasting time together).

Start selling oranges, newspapers, computers, T-shirts, okay it’s spring next month also sell water or Dj Sbu’s MOFAYA’s. Most importantly be productive, hustle until God  applause you, my friend the world is changing fast, so move faster. Guess what? My home town is Tzaneen but I’m in Mpumalanga, what do you think I’m doing here hanging? I’m hunting opportunities day and night, rural and suburb.


– by Cliff Ntimbani | @CLIFFBILLIONAIR 



-Please do me a favour “Just don’t take that wonderful dream with you 6 feet” 

Don’t miss the opportunity to master the current difficult situation your are facing right now.

Somewhere in the middle of the hospital somebody is fighting to get out of the uncomfortable bed, and praying for those circumstances you are whining about. Like the dead, they can trade anything they have just to be part of your struggle right now, better be thankful while you still can. Growth and learning demand pain, any time we set about learning or growing we expose ourselves to the possibility of failure and pain. Failure is frightening but necessary because through the failing process we gain divine knowledge and experience.

More often than that, we remain with scars and scratches to prove that we have been trying and still not quitting. Actually they also symbolise success, 2015 only belongs to those who challenge the challenge. The good thing about challenging the challenge is that is less painful than not challenging the challenge at all. How many times have you heard people saying ” I wish I could do that”?, the brave don’t wish they do, they know painless does not exist in this life, they actually embrace pain, they lift when it’s heavy, they smile when it hurts most and they pray even when they don’t have a reason to.

Whoever you are, where ever you may be or come from, I advice you to invest in pain and struggle by pouring all your significant efforts, prayers, sweat, blood and tears. The investment will create a thick visible line between a successful person and an unsuccessful person, soon you’ll be swimming in pool of success.

Most of all don’t wish just do, don’t preach just act, don’t gossip just pray. After all actions speaks louder than words, so the results of your actions will show in 2016.

Please do me a favour “Just don’t take that wonderful dream with you 6 feet” 

I Hope You Have already Found What You Were Looking For in 2015.

Author –Cliff Ntimbani | @CliffBillionair



We Deny Ourselves True Dreams 

“Somebody please stop judging Me So That I can start doing me, enjoy being myself”. The reality is the society will never feel sorry for you, it’s time you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

5 years from now those people who you are afraid of will be busy criticising and judging somebody else, and the reality will kick your Ass alone, why should they stop you from being yourself, From pursuing your dream?, who ever told you it will be easy and fair, lied to you. It doesn’t come on a silver platter my friend, actually when did the government announce that it’s a crime to dream Big? For now it’s not yet a crime so do it. Do it. Do it Now!! Dream bigger, aim higher. Develop your passion. Start pursuing your dreams.

Not tomorrow, not next week but now, I guarantee you that if you are not building your dream right now, you are probably building somebody’else dream, you can also guarantee yourself that if you do what everybody is doing you will end up being like everybody else; it’s not your dream job so why expect a dream salary?. Lack of potential to pursuing a dream mostly results in low-income, but your dream career can bring the right balance between happiness and financial security.

“To find ourselves, we first must lose ourselves in a meaningful purpose.” Associate yourself with people of good quality, it is better to be alone than in bad company. Also try to avoid negative influenced friends and be totally different.


Author – Cliff  Ntimbani  | @CliffBillionair 



Reveal your talent to the world

We as people have a mindset of saying “i can not do it” without even giving it a try, no matter what your circumstances may be, as long as you are still breathing you have a contribution to make. The world needs hero’s like you. There’s an incredible power that comes from finding what we were designed to do in life.

You were born to produce magic, you were born to bring smile on somebody’s face, you were born to make those who count on you proud, you were born to conquer, you were born a star. Time to dust off yourself so you can start shining.

I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see your path right now, but that does not mean it’s not there, keep searching, keep knocking on doors, if they don’t open, bang them, if still no response, kick doors down and enter, be persistent, be brave, be bold and have faith, your story it will soon start to unfold. You will start to feel change and during the journey, as you grow your environment also changes, accept change and embrace it, to go through it you must first learn to growth through it. You can can make it, you can finish better than you started, impossible is nothing.


By Veronica Modiba  



We often spend our lives searching for answers we already have. 

A life with purpose, can lead to an incredible love of life itself – 95% of females who are stressing about a cheating BF/Husband, haven’t figured something that brings meaning to their lives.

It’s too easy to cry when your partner cheats, but it’s very difficult to cry when you look at yourself and Realize you are doing nothing about your dreams. Shouldn’t it be Vise-Vesa?

I salute a man who cheats, but never cheats their purpose of living, than a man who is obsessed with being honest than pursuing his dreams and living a life of purpose

The question should “be what do we live for?



Where Did She Get That Stupid Diploma?IMG_20150624_013427

Can I get high five from students who are more obsessed with studying than Partying? Can I talk to someone who is truly dedicated? Let me just talk to everyone of you. 

Don’t carry a mindset of “you’ll graduate and still stack at home jobless” let go of that myth, that mindset only has the power to those who gave it. Move away from the group think ” let’s do this, don’t do this, it can’t be done, we all the same, sex rules our lives”.  stay close and focused on your books, never let anyone hold you back and lastly cut off those who remind you of your limitations and your disadvantaged background.

She got it because she studied harder, you were snoring and while she was studying, she was offline and you were online, she sacrificed and you compromised remember!!.. That’s how she got that stupid diploma, you were having sex and she was working on assignments text, she use to drink caffeine to stay awake to continue studying at night, and you use to drink ciders to continue partying to get laid.

I hope you will see yourself a very privileged student who still have an opportunity to turn things around, and fight to lead an extraordinary life. I hope you also see your struggles in a new positive way, it doesn’t matter who you are as long as you are trying to accomplish something great you will have to deal with difficult situations or a difficult somebody who either gets in your way or opposes you. I just hope you already know that good results start to unfolds the moment we escape the negative world into a positive world.

You’re parents wants you to give them what you have achieved even when it’s not much, even when it’s nothing but a stupid diploma or degree. INVEST YOUR TIME WISELY. GET THAT STUPID DIPLOMA

Author – Cliff Ntimbani |@CliffBillionair 



-Call it silly if you want as long as you realize one day that the real power is always inside your mind 

The Most Terribly Popular decision from my family’s Perspective was when I refused to take the Anglo Platinum Job for the 6th time and said to my Parents

➡”Mom&Dad, I have a calling to be the first Billionaire Who Will Change Billion of Lives in his own billion ways feeding billion inspirations in billion seconds”

Would you understand that kind of calling if your beloved son or daughter present it to you?

Even today my parents still don’t understand the path I chose, but I’ll tell you what I have told a lot of young people I’ve mentored in my life. The road is not easy but not closed, I most of the time travel lonely, I made choices that I’m comfortable living with. It was a choice when I walked away from other things I could’ve enjoyed doing, I chose better friends (only few fitted in my circle), I walked away from being an employee to be an employer, i chose to suffer in this moment so that I can be a king for the rest of my life. The life of purpose and pursuing a dream is a serious business and being Judged and criticised is very painful but it’s necessary, for that reason you are going to have an optimal joy of being a dreamer who is fully committed to working harder towards his life goal, not a wisher.

When my parents look at me today and wonder what’s next…

I look at them and don’t wonder back, but say “this is only the beginning of it, I will surely leave this world a better place than I found it.” The reality is I don’t Wanna live my life trapped in somebody else’s body watering his plant (life desired goal), I have met most forty and fifty-year Old who haven’t figured out yet what they want to do with their lives.

Young men what are you waiting for? Start working now towards your dreams, towards your business idea, no matter how crazy or stupid it may sound, but it’s real because God he planted it in you. It’s about time you start moving forward not backward, if you are still trapped in somebody else’s body get out now, discover yourself and find ways to work towards your life’s purpose. Most of all ➡keeping moving, don’t sleep chase, don’t complain create, don’t forget to pray everyday and don’t be afraid to be different.

Me being a Billionaire is a calling, God loves me so much that if I was the only person who ever lived in this world, he still would’ve sent his Son to die for me, so I know I’m destined to be a Billionaire, it should apply the same to you, live your vision, be there before you get there, I mean your there. Vision is something that touches the heart. It gives existence within your world to that most fundamental of human Cravings – a sense of meaning and purpose.

I’m also living my vision and I’m fully committed to working towards my dreams, mind, body and soul. I believe in myself more than any other person in this world. The secret is I’m in the different level of COMMITMENT….

Allowed me to continue my life story on the The #Malwela Book Chapters which I’m currently busy with. It will be launched year 2018.  Author – Cliff Ntimbani |@CliffBillionair

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